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Day 1: Singapore Airport - Incheoningapore Airport    新加坡 - 仁川国际机场 

Day 2: Incheon – Experience KTX to Busan – Busan  (L) 仁川国际机场 – 乘坐 KTX 至釜山 – 釜山

Gyeongbok Palace - Gyeongbok Palace was the main palace during the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). It is the most comprehensive and grandest of the five palaces of the Joseon Dynasty.  **(Closed on every Tuesday)
Gwanghwamun Square - With the inauguration of the square, Sejong-ro, located at the center of the 600-year-old historic city of Seoul, was transformed into a human-centered space that harmonizes with the beautiful scenery of Gyeongbokgung Palace and Bukaksan Mountain.
Jagalchi Market - It is Korea's largest seafood market, and is where you can see the lifestyle of the indigenous Busan natives. It also represents Busan and is famous throughout the country. You may like to try some fresh raw fish right at the market.  
Biff Square - This Square was named on 14 August 1996, after the first Busan International Film Festival was held there. In recent years, it has grown into a more complex area, not only movie theaters but also shops and leisure facilities, attracting growing numbers of visitors and tourist.
景福宫 - 景福宫是李朝(1392-1910年)时期首尔的五大皇宫之一也是李氏王朝的正宫。**(每逢星期二休馆)
光化门广场 - 光化门广场以全新的面貌登场并面向全体市民开放。至此,拥有600年历史的首尔中心街区光化门从交通枢纽中心摇身变成了首尔市民休闲娱乐的好去处。光化门广场背靠美丽雄伟的北汉山和古建筑群景福宫,通过对世宗路古貌六曹街的复原,形成了一处位于都市中心的历史文化体验空间。
札嘎其市场 - 是釜山最有名的地方,东洋最大的鱼市,也是出售所有种类海产品的综合鱼市。位于釜山札嘎其市场二楼的干鱼部专门经销干鱼类。这里的摊位出售干鳀鱼、干鱿鱼、虾、各种鱼片等干鱼类和紫菜、裙带菜、贝类等海产品。不仅面相全国的批发商,对普通消费者也以低廉的价格批发、零售,是釜山最大的干鱼市场。
• Biff广场 - 每年在此都会举行釜山国际电影节前夕夜活动,届时演员明星们的纪念手印和雪花点灯等节目都会在BIFF广场开放的场地上举行。开张剧场相聚一起,这是在亚洲甚至是欧洲任何一个国家都找不到的地方,其潜在魅力无穷。 近来这里已不单单是看电影的地方,也是享受购物和娱乐的综合性文化空间。年轻一代的聚集,为它带来了更多的活力。

Day 3: Busan  (B/L/D)   釜山 

Gamcheon Cultural Village – Korea’s most art-filled town is nested on top of the hills of Saha-gu in Busan. It is dubbed as the quirkiest art-filled suburb with colourful and narrow alleyways. It attracts thousands of tourists and photography enthusiasts yearly.

Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival – The Largest and the most splendid cherry blossom celebration in Korea in every year of early April. Moreover South Korea hosts a big cherry blossom festival to attract travelers from around Korea and the world. Cherry Blossom Festival has become South Korea’s most popular annual festival. **(Sakura season subject to weather conditions)

甘川文化村 - 是位于山脚下,以阶梯的方式聚集在一起的房子,以巷弄为中心所形成的村落,被人们称为釜山的马丘比丘。在甘川文化村里游客们可以看到各式主题的小房子,以及巷弄内的造型摆设等,这些都是村民们的创意,游客也可以跟着村民来场有趣的体验观光。
特别安排: 镇海樱花祭 – 最大和最灿烂的樱花祭在韩国。每年在四月初,好过举办盛大的樱花节吸引了韩国各地盒世界各地的旅客。樱花节已经成为韩国最热门的年度盛典。位于韩国南海或南海部海岸线的迷人小镇拥有成千上万的樱花,座位最出名而拥有世界数量最多的樱花树。**(樱花季节视情况而定)

Day 4: Busan – Naju (B/L/D)  釜山– 罗州

 Suncheon Drama Filming Location - This open film set is located in Jorye-dong, Suncheon. It consists of three villages each representing a different era from the 1950s to the 1970s. It has approximately 200 houses and is the largest film set in Korea.
Suncheon Ecological Park – Suncheonman Bay is thickly covered with reeds taller than a full-frown man. It is the biggest colony of reeds in Korea. The image of the entire field swaying in the wind is as dazzling as waves on the sea. 
Boseong Green Tea Farm (INC: Green Tea or Ice Cream) - Daehan Dawon Tourist Plantation is an area located in Boseong, and its main specialty is green tea which originated from the mountain valleys south of Boseong. Boseong has been a tea plantation area since the days of the Japanese occupation, and with its long history come large plantations, their traditions, and highly skilled workers.

• 顺天影视城 - 顺天市电视剧外地是原驻军基地改建而成的电视剧外景拍摄地,再现了上时间50年代到80年代首尔与顺天的市井风貌,包括庭院�商店、街景等。这里能体验上时间60~80年代的生活,游客们可以租穿老式校服拍照留念,还可以在酒幕(过去出售酒和小吃的小酒馆)里品尝煎饼和拌榛子粉,此外,游客们还可以寻找电视剧里主人公的家,十分有趣。
•  顺天湾湿地公园 - 顺天市芦苇滩里,芦苇高可过人,把水面封的严严实实,密不透风。这里是韩国芦苇分布密集的地区,规模在国内首屈一指。微风拂过,满天的芦苇花飘飞,如大海上浮动的波纹。
• 宝城绿茶园 [含:绿茶或绿茶雪糕] - 大韩茶业目前经营着位于凤山里的宝城茶园第1茶园和会泉里的第2茶园,其中第1茶园被指定为韩国唯一的茶叶观光农园。沿着掩映在葱翠的杉树林间的小路前行,可看到层层茶田高至天边。 

Day 5: Naju - Jeonju   (B/L/D)  罗州 - 全州          

Damyang Metasequoia Street - Metasequoia trees were planted along the street in the early 1970s when the Ministry of Internal Affairs officially designated the road as a “boulevard.”
Damyang Juknokwon - Juknokwon in Damyang is a bamboo forest cultivated by the town of Damyang. Seonginsan Mountain behind Damyang Hyanggyo (Confucian school) was transformed into Juknokwon Bamboo Garden featuring a beautiful artificial waterfall, pavilion, walking paths and an eco-exhibition center 
DIY Korean Traditional Sweets 
Jeonju Hanok Village [INC: Hanbok Wearing] – There are over 800 traditional Korean ‘Hanok’ houses. It is especially beautiful for its roof curves. The roof edges being slightly raised to the sky is unique.
潭陽竹綠苑 –竹綠苑擁有16萬㎡蔥鬱的竹林,給人留下深刻的印象。為了讓遊客能享受竹林浴而打造出2.2公里的散步道路。 
潭陽水杉林蔭道 - 以竹子聞名的潭陽地區的另一個景點就是水杉林蔭道,充滿異國風情,被選為韓國最美麗的街道。這裡又被稱為夢幻兜風路線,10~20公尺的蔥鬱水杉樹在長達8.5公里的國道兩旁延展開來,讓人以為來到山林浴場般的錯覺。
全州韩屋村 [含: 韩服试穿体验] -
全州韩屋村位于全州市丰南洞和校洞一带, 汇集了800多间韩传统韩屋。隐于瞬息万变现代都市中的全州韩屋村因保存至今的传统面貌而闻名。

Day 6 : Jeonju - Seoul   (B/L/D)    全州–首尔 

The Independence Hall of Korea - Displays Korean historical documents and relics from past to present, mainly focusing on the independence movements of the Japanese Colonial Period to August 15, 1987.  ** (Closed on every Monday, will be replaced to Oeam Folk Village. ) 
Dongdaemun Market - Head over for Dongdaemun Market, one of the most popular wholesale shopping area in Seoul among Koreans and tourists alike.
Fireman Show – Fireman is a non-verbal performance filled with acrobatic lifts, flips and tricks. It’s a dynamic and comical show which is recommended for anyone who enjoys watching performance shows. The story 
•  独立纪念馆 - 显示从过去的韩国历史文献和文物至今,主要是日本殖民时期到 1987 年 8 月 15 日独立运动的重点。 ** (每逢星期一休馆, 将由牙山外岩民俗村替代
• 东大门 - 东大门市场是首尔最具代表性的市场之一被指定为服装批发特别商街。 
• Fireman秀 - 首爾除了亂打秀、塗鴉秀、拌飯秀及猛男秀,此時此刻帥氣登場的最新公演-FIREMAN救火英雄,描述一群立志成為消防員的訓練生的成長過程,以置生死於度外的消防員為主題,75分鐘緊張刺激不間斷的絕妙好劇不容錯過。

Day 7: Seoul - Compulsory shopping stops : Ginseng Outlet, Healthy Liver Shop, Cosmetic Duty Free (B/L) 首尔 - 购物站:人参专卖店、健肝宝专卖店、美容化妆品免税店   (B/L)

Insadong - Located in the heart of the city, Insadong is an important place where old but precious and traditional goods are on display. There is one main road in Insadong with alleys on each side. Within these alleys are galleries, traditional restaurants, teahouses and cafes. 
Gwangjang Market - The Gwangjang Market is the nation’s first market and continues to thrive as a popular tourist destination today. The second floor of the market provides all of your silk, satin, and linen bed-sheet stores, which are the largest and most famous in Seoul.
Myeongdong - Enjoy more shopping sensations in Myeongdong, one of Seoul’s main shopping and tourism districts. 
仁寺洞 - 这里流通着古老而富有珍贵传统的物品。仁寺洞以大道为中心, 两侧分布着许多胡同, 形似迷宫。在这迷宫中密集了画廊、传统工艺店、古代美术店、传统茶店、传统饮食店、咖啡馆等。
• 广藏市场 - 首尔广藏市场成立于1905年,是韩国最早设立的市场,成立时交易供需还是比较原始的,交易手段也比较单调,当时市场活动闲散,同时运营有常设市场,在市场开拓上起着嚆矢作用。
• 明洞 - 在这里,各种各样的品牌专卖店、百货店、保税商店等密集在一起,被称为时尚、流行的中心,在此可买到领导潮流的各种服装、鞋帽、饰物等等。

Day 7: Seoul - Incheon (Local products & souvenir store) Incheon Airport Q Singapore 首尔 – 土产店 - 仁川国际机场 Q 新加坡


~ Tour will be conducted in CHINESE
~ All additional transfers are without the services of a local guide 
~ Prices are subject to confirmation at the time of booking 
~ ** Tour sequence, hotels and meals are subject to change with/without prior notice ** 
~ Any un-utilized services, unused tours or hotel rooms are NON-REFUNDABLE 
~ Terms and conditions apply

~ All airport taxes and applicable fuel surcharges 
~ Travel Insurance 
~ Tipping : USD 5 / KRW 6,000 per pax per day for Tour Guide & Driver Pay during the Tour , If there is a tour leader, Tour Leader Tipping (USD 2 / SGD 3 per pax per day Pay during the Tour)


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