1 Day Batam City & Heritage Tour Package

1 Day Batam City & Heritage Tour Package

Tour/Holiday Package Information

Tour Code: DSW291110BARELANG1DT

Package INCLUSIVE of:
~ Return Ferry Ticket (SIN/BTH/SIN) by Sindo Ferry Pte Ltd.
~ 1 Day Barelang Historical and Shopping Tour + Indonesia Lunch as per itinerary.
~ Transfer via Air-Conditioned Bus.
~ English / Mandarin Speaking Guide Assistance

- Singapore PDF & Fuel Surcharge of S$21/pax (paid upon collecting boarding pass / all taxes are subject to change).
- Batam Terminal Fee of S$8/pax (subject to change).
- Batam Guide & Driver Tipping of S$3/pax/day.
- Personal Insurance, Room Service, Optional Tours, Porterage Fee, Visa Fee, and all expenses of personal nature


What you get?


About this Package

Singapore-Batam-  (Lunch : 0900 hr / 1930 hr)

Assemble at Harbourfront Centre at 0800 hrs, Collect your boarding pass and ferry ticket at Sindo Ferry Pte Ltd Counter #03-43. Depart by high speed ferry to Batam at 0900 hrs, the journey will take estimate 45 minutes by sea, Upon arrive at Batam Centre International Ferry Terminal, after immigration / custom clearance, you will be greet by our friendly DESINDO’s tour guide and escorted to awaiting air-conditioned bus and proceed to visit Barelang Fisabililah Bridge (which is the biggest bridges linking tiny island of Tonton, Nipah to the larger Setoko island, Rempang island, Galang island and Galang baru island. The 1st Bridge connecting Batam to Tonton island is impressive with its 38-metres high spans and 642 metres in length), thereafter, tour will drive ahead to visit Pa Auk Tawya Vipassana Dhura Hermitage & Camp Vietnam (Ngha Trang Memorial Wall, The Monument of Boat People, Galang Museum, Vietnamese Village and Quan An Du Monastery), (is the site of 80 acre located on Galang island, Batam in the Riau Province where 250,000 Vietnamese refugee were housed from 1979 to 1996). En route, will drive to the plantation of the bizzare looking Dragon Fruits (pitaya) where located in 16 hectares of orchard fruits more than 80,000 trees, en route will stop-by at the iconic landmark of Welcome to Batam Monument, which is the Batam’s Landmark & Cultural icon overlooking “Welcome to Batam” & don’t forget to bring you have a morning tea break or food tasting of various local famous food such as “Kek Nanas (pineapple cake) at Kek Nanas Factory Outlets, if you like you can order on the spot.

Lunch will be serve at Indonesia restaurant. After lunch, visit Laughing Buddha Temple / Maha Vihara Duta Maitreya Temple, which is the South East Asia biggest buddhist temple, Be Superheroes / Armyman Factory Outlets & Batam Chocolate House where offering more than 100 varieties of chocolate to suit your every mood and desire with very reasonable price,  Latex Learning Centre, where not to be missed to learn more about the healthy and quality of sleep, Koppie 70 Fahrenheit, where you can learn about coffee and see how its being made, Yongheng Dry Market, where the place you may able to purchase very fresh dry food stuff in wholes sales prices, Kuda Lumping Trance Dance, is a traditional Javanese dance depicting a group of horsemen. Dancers “ride” horses made from woven bamboo and decorated with colorful paints and cloth. Generally, the dance portrays troops riding horses, but another type of Kuda Lumping performance also incorporates trances and magic tricks. When the “possessed” dancer is performing the dance in trance conditions, he can display unusual abilities, such as eating glass and resistance to the effects of whipping or hot coals, Kueh Lapis Factory, Cheng Ho Mosque, officially Al Islam Muhammad Cheng Hoo Mosque, is a mosque dedicated for Muslim Chinese people located in Batam of Riau Island, Indonesia. The name of the mosque is in honor to the acclaimed Muslim Chinese Admiral Zheng He. The mosque was built with a combination of architectural elements from China, Malay, and Indonesian archipelago, complete with certain parts of the mosque such as imam's residence and surrounding fences. “Batam Miniature Park”, The park is a synopsis of Indonesian culture, with virtually all aspects of daily life in Indonesia's 32 provinces encapsulated in separate pavilions with the collections of architecture, and traditions are all depicted impeccably, & Golden City, where the place offer a wide range of sport activities such as Go Kart, Paintball, Flying Fox or Sea Sport activities such as Banana Boat or Kayaking and lastly drop off at Mega Mall Batam Centre, where is biggest and famous shopping mall in the island. Come at evening, assemble and transfer to Batam Centre International Ferry Terminal & Depart by high speed ferry to Singapore.


新加坡 – 峇淡岛 - 新加坡 (午)
集合于港湾码头(HARBOUR FRONT CENTRE )集台#03-43 企鹅渡轮(SINDO FERRY PTE LTD )取船票。乘船前往巴淡岛,抵达后,前往参观 【欢迎来到巴淡岛标志】是印尼巴淡岛地标和文化标志【鳳梨酥工厂】凤梨酥起源台湾小食,外皮酥松,而我们巴淡岛制做的凤梨酥是由巴淡本土种植的凤梨輱维细致 不粘牙 口感甜而不腻 透着凤梨的香味。而凤梨的别名也叫旺来,旺来旺来是华人最喜欢的送礼佳品, 参观首先将带各位参观里澳最大的 【彩红桥】有海跋38公尺高642公尺长,是巴谈岛的一个新的旅游景点,越过这桥您将会看到过後参观【龙珠果园】这是一个占地16英亩的果园,共种植了八万棵龙珠果。参观果园後,【越南村】遗址,之后将会参观【NGHA TRANG 记念碑】【GALANG博物馆】与【QUAN AN TU观音庙】。

午餐将安排在印尼餐馆享用午餐。过后出发参观 【天恩弥勒佛院】几乎在佛院的所有角落都能看到弥勒佛像,宽高的姿态,修长的耳朵以及肥胖的肚子,无辜的个性,总是微笑。你一旦看到他,就会感觉生活的温暖,就好像是在说:欢迎来到这个爱的世界。他带领人类进入一个新的世界,生活与和平和幸福的世界【巧克力屋】以及 【BE SUPERHEROES专卖店】提供各种超级英雄T恤和任何其他类型的产品,如钥匙链,行李牌帽,皮带,钱包,超级英雄的缩影,凉鞋等等 【乳胶加工厂】 印尼是世界最大的橡胶生产国,橡胶枕可治疗颈椎痛也可美容,见识闻名世界的南洋原生天然橡胶及其各种制品,是自用及赠送亲友的最佳礼物。在这里您还可以舒舒服服的“试睡一觉【咖啡工厂】观看现场烘培的印尼著名咖啡,在这你可以选择现场品尝,也可打包带给国内的亲朋好友 以及【干料市场】【特异功能秀(如下雨表演将取消【印尼文化村】以及当地着名的【MEGA MALL 高级购物中心】。 之后将是各位回返新加坡的时侯了。岛游将会送各位到码头乘搭渡轮回新加坡.

Rates in SGD
4-20 pax
21 pax & above
ADULT (12 yrs & above)
CHILD (3 - 11 years)
INFANT (3 years below)


- Validity from 01 DECEMBER 2019 till 30 DECEMBER 2020
- Change Ferry from Putri Harbour (JB) to Batam to Putri Harbour (JB) top-up S$59/pax (incl. both ways seaport taxes).
- Change Ferry from Putri Harbour (JB) to Batam to Singapore top-up S$59/pax (incl. both ways seaport taxes).
- All prices herein are subject to change without prior notice, arising from currency fluctuation, local taxes, etc.


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